101 things in 1001 days

The past last week I have been working on a list that proved to be more difficult than I expected to it to be. But now I have more or less successfully written down 101 things that I wish to accomplish in 1001 days; the day zero project. I have done it once before as well and when I fell in love for the first time, I got carried away and forgot the existence of the entire list. I do not think I ever checked it until this week and I am surprised how many items I should had crossed from the list by the time it was supposed to be done. Even though I hope I will not neglect this one, I wish that I can do as many things as with the previous one and while I most probably will not be able to accomplish them all, I now written down all the things I want from my life in the following 1001 days. The list is not a to-do-list and I will feel no shame, disappointment or regret even if more than half of the items continue to linger around. Rather its purpose is to guide me, especially in the situations when I feel more or less confused about what I expect from life. If I ever feel aimless, I know to come back here and re-realise goals that at this moment I desired to be accomplished. A human mind, or very least mine, seems to get distracted all the time that sometimes I lose the focus and I think this is a perfect way to tell myself that there is so much I want from life; the problem is not that there is nothing to achieve anymore, but not remembering anymore how much there is to live for. It is 16 July 2014. This list expires on 12 April 2017. Then it is time to make a new one.

  1. Write a love story in French.
  2. Win in a writing competition.
  3. Read Perks of Being a Wallflower, Extremely Loud & Incredibly and Crush again. My three most favourite literary works that float in the world.
  4. Be able to read & write Hindi.
  5. Write a short story that is longer than 5000 words.
  6. Find a (permanent) job that pays well enough to satisfy half of my dreams.
  7. Fall in love with a person who would fall in love with me despite all the flaws.
  8. Fill out a notebook that a friend has given me.
  9. Attend a concert alone.
  10. Visit New York City single, happy & unoccupied.
  11. Collect five hundred quotes that I love and inspire me.
  12. Learn a language (other than French or Hindi).
  13. Participate as a speaker in a public event.
  14. Publish an academic article.
  15. Graduate from university.
  16. Get a driving license.
  17. Be happy for the person who is the first love of my life.
  18. Spend one and half hours on my bed without anything else and be entertained by my own imagination.
  19. Draw or paint a picture.
  20. Go to the airport and take a random flight.
  21. Give money to charity.
  22. Post random messages around my hometown. Leave inspirational notes, share your feelings, make a stranger’s day.
  23. Pretend to be a tourist in my own city.
  24. List hundred things that I find beautiful in the world.
  25. Fall in love with a city that I had never visited before.
  26. Bake a cake for a friend.
  27. Create a scrapbook for your parents.
  28. Write how after seven years of living abroad, I found Helsinki to be the best place to live in.
  29. Become a board member at an international organisation.
  30. Run for elections where I can make a difference if elected.
  31. One day when feeling good, ask a friend to meet in a park and buy a bottle of champagne. Tell him/her let’s celebrate life for the sake of having one.
  32. Learn to swim.
  33. Donate blood.
  34. Sign up for a dance class.
  35. Ask 20 friends to suggest one book, and read them all.
  36. For 365 days take a selfie and the last day make a clip out of the photos. See how you grow.
  37. Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever is on it.
  38. Host a movie club where you watch movies twice a month. Do it at least for three months.
  39. Make a time capsule with your friends.
  40. Organise a murder mystery party.
  41. Send fifty hand-written letters to my friends.
  42. Read thirty academic books that are not assigned readings in my courses.
  43. Send a message in a bottle.
  44. Complete 100 happy days challenge.
  45. Make a photography/poetry-booklet.
  46. Ride a hot air balloon and touch the sky.
  47. Ask a friend to join to see a sunset. Take blankets, some wine and cheese and talk about the world, life, love and happiness until the sun rises.
  48. Compliment a stranger.
  49. Run a half-marathon.
  50. Try at least five different sports.
  51. For one week wake up at 8pm every morning — take my time to get ready, have tea, listen to the news and just enjoy the morning. Perhaps shortly even pop by in a cafe for a small breakfast before going to work/school. In other words: give early wake-ups a chance.
  52. Quit smoking when you are not drinking.
  53. Take my family out for dinner.
  54. Go backpacking.
  55. Make a list of my 25 best qualities.
  56. Sign up for a crafts-class.
  57. Take a photograph of the same place once every month for one year.
  58. Reactive temporarily my old Facebook-account that I closed after the breakup and reconnect with the people who I left behind. Be honest about what happened.
  59. For each completed goal, put 10 euros on your savings account.
  60. Dress up for Halloween or any costumer party. Loosen up.
  61. Give money to a street performer and thank him/her/they for adding to the city’s liveliness.
  62. Travel to Paris with a friend and show her/they/him all my favourite places in the most beautiful city of the universe.
  63. Say yes to everything for a week.
  64. No artificial sweeteners or other sugar substitutes for a month.
  65. Start volunteering regularly: homeless shelter, soup kitchen, detention centers, animal shelter. Discover a world that is there yet hidden from your sight.
  66. Do not wear contacts for an entire month.
  67. Throw another Eurovision-party but this time make food from the host country.
  68. Reach your ideal weight (still have to go down eight kilos as of 16.07.2014).
  69. Throw a party when you graduate with Master’s degree.
  70. Read/watch news in a foreign language once every day for a month.
  71. Make the first move.
  72. Start a blog where I will discuss and comment current events. Because I do care.
  73. Learn to knit.
  74. See an opera performance.
  75. Volunteer for a political/election campaign.
  76. Do a fashion shoot with your friends.
  77. Celebrate marriage equality in Finland.
  78. Travel in India without my parents/family.
  79. Have lunch with my bosses after my current job ends (August 2014).
  80. Write a blog post five times a month at least for one consecutive year.
  81. Enter EPSO-competition.
  82. Kiss in the rain.
  83. Take a meditation/yoga class.
  84. Spend Juhannus (Midsummer’s Night) the Finnish way.
  85. Put a small note in a library book that says “you’re beautiful”.
  86. Build a snowman that will have a carrot nose.
  87. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go.
  88. Learn to accept a compliment.
  89. See four friends that I met during the time I went to a university in the Netherlands; three friends that I met when I lived in Swaziland; two friends that I acquainted with while working in Switzerland; and one from my short period in the US and from a longer period with my ex-fiance in Croatia.
  90. Bring a box of doughnuts to share at the office.
  91. Plant a flower and cherish it like the Little Prince cared for his.
  92. Wear a T-shirt and shorts in public. Leave your comfort zone.
  93. Visit an amusement park, buy a ticket that allows you to enter all the rides and make most out of it.
  94. Take a photobooth photo strip with a friend.
  95. Identify 100 things that make me happy.
  96. Host a board game night.
  97. Visit a Middle Eastern country and eat hummus.
  98. Meet an old friend of yours that you have not seen for ten years.
  99. Take a random bus in a foreign city and see her the way no one else has experienced her before.
  100. Write a letter to the three teachers that have had an enormous impact on my life.
  101. Be happy with myself and with what I have.

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