I can feel you are happy

Dear Helsinki,

I know I have not written to you in awhile. Honestly it has been so long that I am not even aware of where to start from. I could go back all the way to the time when I re-fell in love with you. Though I do not think it is an accurate way to describe the moment as I do not believe I had ever loved you before. Regardless how to paint that period, it already happened a year ago and there is so much between then and now that I cannot go through it all. Perhaps I should stop explaining myself and write.

I think too much as you know. I have tried to unlearn it but without much success.

My friend from university visited me last week and I had a really nice time with her. Thank you for being so wonderful and beaming while she stayed with us. I think she really enjoyed you, everything about you. We had a delightful brunch at Pacisifico and even I had forgotten how different you are from all the cities when it comes to brunch. On weekends all your cafés and bars become this sort of a safe haven for all the foodies who have been smart enough not to drink too much the previous night. And she particularly noted grocery stores, my darling. It is amusing whenever my foreign friends visit me, they all are totally mesmerised by the range of products in the supermarkets. I do not know why you are not famous for the cosmopolitan culinary experience.

The morning after night out
The morning after a night out

She left last Sunday and since then I have had too much time to be on my own. It has been rather difficult to adjust to a routine after visiting Bologna and my friend coming over, partly because there is no routine to follow. My bosses are on summer holidays and I am all alone in the office without many tasks. The mornings, days and evenings are dreadfully slow and due to the apathetic environment, I lack any sort of energy to things besides related to work. I am glad that university will start in less than two months but I am afraid student life does not really create a routine. We will see how glad I will be in fall.

I do not want to be sitting around doing nothing, though because you know the feeling will just get more intense the further time flies. And because I know myself well enough, I have to write my challenges down or otherwise I will just forget them and keep on slacking and watching Game of Thrones, which I am still not sure why I started to follow.

  • Write a love letter in French.
  • Learn Devanagari-script.
  • Create a strategy for inclusion of LGBTIQ-youth with immigrant background.
  • Approach the Foreign Ministry concerning a seminar on development aid and LGBTIQ-issues.
  • Read two books (one academic, one fictional)
  • Go touring around you and take photos of your least unknown jewels
  • See friends

There are a couple of weeks summer left and you are beaming with vibrant sunshine and energetic warmth. I can feel you are happy dear Helsinki.



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