You are so silly in the nights

Dear Helsinki, it is 4.35am and here I am writing you a letter just because I need to. In my life I tend to miss so many things that happened in the past, that I forget to notice events that take place at this very moment. You know I have the miserable tendency to look back with nostalgia; I am so talented to live in the past or future that I am never able to take the full advantage of what happens around me in the present.


This night will not be any different, I think. I will look forward to experience the same rush I had tonight through songs we listened to and discussions we had. It is funny, though, the way we meet people who have such an enormous impact on our lives. And the absurdest thing is that there is no reason to have much time to create the change. It happens, unexpectedly.

I spent the night at a friend’s place that I had met during my compulsory non-military service training. We became great friends for reasons that I cannot even begin to explain you. The very first night we admitted the most shameful aspects of our lives; we went through our favourite Pokémons and even tried to recount the original Pokédex while confessing our addiction to the ABC Family Shows that, quite literally, no one (sensible) watches.

There was also a girl that I randomly met last Christmas at one party. Well perhaps the word random is the most accurate one, because I had seen her once before when she was accepted to study at a United World College that I attended as well, just in Swaziland. They met each other at my birthday party, and though they might be a bit closer than I am with either of one, we have forged this a sense of belonging with all the memories that us all share from the various nights we have spent together.

She now lives in the States, but she came to Helsinki for a long weekend and her brother’s wedding. But it felt as if she had never departed. We laughed, talked and took selfies that are not worthy of publishing except for this one.


Whenever I think of us, I cannot help feeling how astonishing the world us. The ways people are brought together, in the strangest circumstances. During the nights like this I realise how truly lucky I am. I love her & him so much. And I am certain there will be many more memories to make together. In situations like this I look so much forward to the future although generally I am so scared of it.

But you Helsinki, oh dearest. You are always buzzing at the wee hours as if it is the moment when you are the most vivid; I arrived to the railway station an hour ago and I had not seen such masses except during the festivals. People queuing for the last night busses home, bouncers at McDonalds making sure that no one too drunk enters the premises and taxi drivers that are so happy to be driving on the earliest hours of Sunday morning.

On my way home, the fifteen minutes I had to walk from the centre, I saw life hidden from all the tourists who visit you. I know some might see you in such a condition, but they themselves are probably too drunk to remember what they experienced because you know, they were wasted as well. Not everything is pretty, obviously. But this night, I enjoyed it throughly. Besides the insane queues at fast food restaurants, what struck me the most were the intoxicated couples making out as if there was no end to their love. And we all know how we Finns dislike to display public affection, so the rare moment when seeing the moon flirting with the sun you experience this sensation of strange happiness. I say strange, partly because I tend to feel a bit jealous as well. I wonder if I am ever going to feel that again.

But darling, I should go and sleep now. I just wanted to write you so you would know I had a wonderful night with friends who made me laugh, smile and enjoy. And also to let you know how silly you are in the nights, beautiful.

Sleep well.


PS. I have fallen in love with Majid Jordan. I hope you like it as well.


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