Divorce, sky and train

Dear Helsinki,

I don’t know if it is because I am in train for the first time in a long time or that I am listening to a song that makes me a bit melancholic, but I am tempted to let you know that I am a bit sad at the moment. Sun visited you last week, but she left. Also blue filed for a divorce last Wednesday and the sky is miserable without him, desperately wanting to repair their relationship but I am not too confident about their future together. Perhaps that is what makes my collarbones shiver, lungs tremble and fingers shake. Their love story was one of the nature’s wonders, it was a script that was never supposed to end because God was the author and we all knew she had fallen in love with her own characters. Continue reading


Say Lou Lou in Helsinki

Dear Helsinki,

Once again it has been too long since I have written you although I have thought of you quite often in the last few weeks. I have been unable to write you, because still I keep thinking of what others might think of you if I write you letters like this and I cannot shed the that feeling of being a pathetic loser who just does not know when you should fuck the shut up. Oh well. Here we go again.

I saw Say Lou Lou live this night in Helsinki and I was the happiest man in the world for a brief moment. I was disheartened last year because they were in Helsinki and I failed to see them. At the time I thought I lost my only chance to see them live. Let us face it, my darling, it is not like the most awe-inspiring artists tend to visit you very frequently because we all know how weird and out of nowhere we Finns are, but they for some great reason decided to visit the club once again this year. And they were fantastic. I loved how they have learned the few key words in Finnish (such as minä rakastan Suomi!!!) and explained the way Finland attempted to kill them with the most broken gig-bus ever. Woman they knew how to engage the audience and I was over the moon throughout the night, dancing on my own because none of my friends were interested in the gig. And I was so happy I went although I have been always a bit scared to attend special events on my own, but this concert made me realise I should just do things alone no matter how hard it might be. Because if you love something enough, nothing else matters is than to feel the beautiful songs lingering in your collarbones.

So yes Say Lou Lou was spectacular. I have been in love with the band for quite awhile, but the live concert was even more inspiring than I could had ever expected. For a short time I got lost in my mind while listening to them singing and it was a gorgeous place where I wondered during their concert. Their voice makes you go beyond the world we have experienced, Helsinki. It might not be the easiest place in the universe, but is something we all have once felt no matter how much we attempt to deny our heartache. And even if you do not care for their music, there was the most gorgeous drummer in the band that can feed your eyes. And imagine even though he was so ridiculously attractive I rather swam in the ocean of their magnetic melodies. I think that that tells you enough, no? Continue reading