Maybe one day, Brussels

Dear Brussels,
I am in the plane right now on my way back to Helsinki and although it has been just a couple of minutes since I departed from your arms, I just had to write you right now.


I survived; the feeling of being in front of an audience and discussing integration of migrants in the European Union while strangers carefully listen to the words my mouth forms was terrifying. I was the last panelist so as speaker after another finished their presentation, I experienced the uncomfortable sensation of panic in my heart and all I wanted at that moment was to run out of the conference room and escape the entire situation. I looked at the exit door and toyed with the idea of how the moderator would explain the situation to the audience and people watching the discussion online. More irrational thoughts poured into my dwelling mind as my turn came closer. I could hear my lungs grasping for outdoor air. My hands began to tremble nervously. Continue reading


The greatest hits of March 2015

Dear Helsinki,

For several years I have had this plan to keep track on the music I listened to the most each month. As you know I am a snob when it comes to music and also a bit addicted to my profile, which has kept record on all the tracks I have played for over ten years. I do not think I could ever date anyone who did not share my obscurely good taste on music and I do swipe right every time I notice the guy has more than 20 common artists likes regardless of his looks… though, they always tend to be very good-looking.

So now I have decided to start my project and write you each month about the bands I have listened to the most. I know you reluctantly let me be in charge of the music when we are together, but hey keep an open mind. You never know what you may discover!


Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 00.11.45 Continue reading