The greatest hits of March 2015

Dear Helsinki,

For several years I have had this plan to keep track on the music I listened to the most each month. As you know I am a snob when it comes to music and also a bit addicted to my profile, which has kept record on all the tracks I have played for over ten years. I do not think I could ever date anyone who did not share my obscurely good taste on music and I do swipe right every time I notice the guy has more than 20 common artists likes regardless of his looks… though, they always tend to be very good-looking.

So now I have decided to start my project and write you each month about the bands I have listened to the most. I know you reluctantly let me be in charge of the music when we are together, but hey keep an open mind. You never know what you may discover!


Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 00.11.45

Iisa is the best Finnish artist and I cannot believe I just discovered her this year. Her voice snatched my lungs the moment I heard her playing at a concert and I have been unable to stop listening to her songs on my iPhone. Iisa’s music dreamy indie electronic with a hint of Finnish melancholia; just close your eyes and let her take you to an amazing journey. I had a hard time picking just one song from her, but I chose this because I absolutely adore the smoky male voice, which is not present in her other work, dancing with her sweet words in the track. Psykopaatti is my other favourite.

I saw Say Lou Lou live a few weeks back and the concert was absolutely fantastic. I fell in love with them a year ago, but they recently released a new album which has several soothing electropop tracks that will bewilder your mind.

I discovered Until the Ribbon Breaks last month after their cover Until it Breaks played on the TV-show Stalker. It is definitely one of my favourite songs from last year but two weeks ago I got my hands on their album and I do not understand how it had taken me so long. Experimental rnb electronica flavoured with silvery burning male voice is a perfect combination. It also breaks my heart.

Not too sure how I stumbled upon Halsey, probably through She has only released a few songs, but they all great and her songs remind me a little bit of Ellie Goulding. I look forward to her debut full recording.

This song is already four years old, but I think it will be the summer song of 2015 for me. Their other stuff is good as well, but this is just a perfect track to just dance in the pool of sunlight.

Jack Garratt. This man. Geezus. You know how I am going to India this summer? Well the only reason I considered not to go was that he will perform in Helsinki coming June and I desperately wanted to see him live. His voice tenders your soul as if was his own and makes you re-experience the bittersweet love we all have encountered at one point of your life. He knows how to capture your heart and mind and make them his. This guy will be big. And I will be that hipster snob who will tell everyone I listened to him before he became mainstream.

That is all for now, my dearest. I am going to Brussels on Saturday and a bit nervous, because I will have to sit in a panel and discuss European integration policies… Don’t remember the last time I would had done public speaking. Wish me luck!



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