Songs that conquered my heart last month

Dear Helsinki,

I must admit I am quite amazed that I am actually writing you this letter — I know I told you a month ago that I would like to keep a record of the music I listen to each month, but I did not think I would actually succeed doing that. Partly because I have thought of doing it for several years but never got around it. And fine this is only the second time I make the list, but that alone is an accomplishment from me — a brilliant one if I may add.

So let us go straight to the point: the bewildering tunes that made love to my ears.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 22.18.51

Iina still holds the first place and there is no wonder: she is definitely one of my favourite artists all time and I have only discovered her last month. I had the privilege to see her live a few weeks ago and it was a mesmerising experience that I would like to relive once again. This song breaks my heart as I can relate to the feeling of not being a psychopath after a relationship ends… just a little bit too much in love.

Did I tell you I also got into the backstage because my friend plays in the band? I was such a fangirl when I saw Iisa and could not hold back my eager excitement. I cannot wait to listen to their new album that is supposed to be released later this year.

Indiana was one of the new artists I found this month and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her voice; this song stood out because of the lyrics that obviously made my clavicles weep a bit. Her music reminds me of Say Lou Lou as it has the smooth electronic vibe of falling in love with glittering stars. recommended me to listen to her and I admit the site knows my taste on music a bit too well. Kyla La Grange falls in the same category with Indiana and Banks, but her voice is slightly more smothering, as if you are lured into something new against your own free will; the feeling of comfort mixed with reluctance. In other words La Grange’s music is piercingly hypnotising.

Stéphane Pompougnac is no stranger to me — I have been an avid fan of his work since a teenager when I heard the fifth or sixth segment of Hôtel Costes editions. Nevertheless I had missed out his latest album that was released a year ago and stumbled upon him accidentally some weeks ago when tried to browse my music history. His album did not disappoint me; it is passionate, eloquent and tremblingly beautiful. I would not mind siting at a roof-top bar overlooking New York City as the night gently wakes up to the flirtation of Pompougnac’s music.

The vocals of Morcheeba. Enough said.

I have been in love with Sam Sparro since I heard Black & Gold that continues to be one of my favourite songs ever — I do not think I will ever be able to fall in love with a man who does not like the song. Unlike most others I have enjoyed his other works as well and recently I decided to check him out again and figured out that he had released some new stuff. And man he does not let me down, Helsinki. Sparro’s groovy eccentric voice lucidly teasing makes ears quiver dotingly. You may call the experience an eargasm.

I guess that it is all for this month, my honey. I just arrived back from Malta and yes I do have some gossips for you but before I write you about all that I should get rest and sleep because the trip drained me completely. I miss her, but more than that I miss the feeling of being in the beach and holding a man in my arms while watching the sun greeting us happily at 7am. It was wonderful.



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