Eurovision & kindness from strangers

Dear Helsinki,

Last weekend I hosted a Eurovision party that simultaneously served as a celebration of me turning one year older and also as a housewarming. It was a brilliant success, not just because of realising what amazing friends I have here in Helsinki but also because I discovered what tender kindness exhilarates in the neighbourhood that I am blessed enough to call home since April.

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On Friday I posted on a local Facebook group a request and the response I received exceeded the imagination I have. Notifications popped on my iPhone like there was no tomorrow; within hours random strangers donated me decorations that they no longer needed, lent me their disco balls so I could throw a party so that my friends who disliked Eurovision would not be able to hide their excitement and even those who could not offer me anything wished me best of luck with organising the event and asked to see photos from the party.


The entire Friday evening and Saturday morning I visited several apartments around the neighbourhood to get the different kinds of ornaments to embellish my home, make it as kitsch and glittery as possible. Every single time I rang a new doorbell I was rendered with such warm welcoming, happiness and joy that whenever I left the building I was beaming with a greatest smile anyone had ever witnessed on my face. Within 24 hours my flat was filled with jolly soap bubbles, Ikea paper lanterns, swanky disco lights and one person even offered me several different nail polishes so we could paint rainbow colours onto our fingernails. And oh yes, we did make most of it all.


The generosity of people who I probably will never meet again reinforced my faith in humanity and I will not let go of this feeling. I believe we all have the potential to make a difference in the world. I am not too sure if people who offered their things for me to host the greatest Eurovision party in Helsinki realise how happy have they made me with their love. Even though our encounters were brief, the impact they have had in my life equals almost to the thing that I thought was the love of my life. Fine Helsinki, perhaps not that intense, but certainly they have made me feel happy and I will cherish their kindness for rest of my life.

Imagine this sensation I am feeling happened just because I posted a message on a local Facebook group. And they say social media is bad for human interaction… :)

The party itself was great fun, my friends were super delighted with how my home looked (they all were surprised how most of the decorations were from people who wished us to have an amazing evening) and I was rather happy the entire night. I admit Helsinki, I had been a bit worried since I moved in with you almost two years ago from the Netherlands. I remember when I did not live with you and just visited you a few weeks every now and then during a year, I saw all my friends multiple times and when I actually came to live under your care, I saw almost no one. I will not deny the fact I was a bit bitter, because the reason I came back was not to have to build a new social life as I had done so many times in the previous years by moving from one country to another.


But most of my friends who were with me on Saturday were people that I had met since moving back to Helsinki and I realised it did not matter at all. The entire night was most fabulous evening ever. Perhaps a year ago I would had been a bit anxious about the outcome, because I am a bit clingy but it seems I have certainly grown a bit to understand that the change is not always bad and indeed perhaps it is inevitable that you are not meant to be with some people for the rest of you life; romantically or friends-wise. And the funny thing is that in the past year I might have possible rekindled relationships from the time I was 15-years-old. So I guess everything is possible (even me falling in love with someone again heh)…!

If you want me to talk about Eurovision, I do not think that will happen. I do not know why, maybe I am just too sappy but I am too disheartened by the fact that I have to wait for another year before Eurovision starts so I have not been able to listen to my favourite songs after Saturday. I did try to listen to them while writing you this letter, but when I put Heroes on I could feel tears coming up so I decided not to do that right now. It is not as if it was my favourite (my favourites were Italy and Israel and Latvia and Belgium, although cannot deny Sweden got 10 points from me in our voting, he was just too hot), but just listening to the songs from last weekend is still a bit too touchy for me. I know it is silly, but… that is me. :)


Well I should go and sleep now, darling. Tomorrow I am off to India for five weeks so I do not think I will have much time to talk to you before I come back. Have a great summer and please remember,

I do love you no matter what,


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