Music blasting in India (June 2015)

Dear Helsinki,

I expected that I would not be able to send you the songs of last month because I had rather patchy access to Internet and I did not know if I could update my scrobbles on beloved But it all worked out in the end and here are the artists that controlled my ears last month; the list does not include many new names with a few (major) expectations because did not really have the time (or the Internet) to discover new artists. Regardless I hope there is some pleasure in the songs I am sharing with you now.


1. Gorgon City – FTPA (feat Erik Hassle)

I binge-listened Gorgon City last month; just before leaving to India I found out that they had a released their debut album so obviously I had to get it before leaving civilization and man it was the best thing I did. There were so many good songs, but this stood out and it is most definitely one of my favourite songs for this year. It is one of those songs that if someone says they hate it, they do not deserve to be my friend. Yes, that is how much I love it.

2. Jay-Jay Johanson – Wonder Wonders

As I mentioned I could not find new music so I discovered old gems that I had forgotten (– and now found out that he has actually released two albums that I have not listened to it). JJJ is perhaps the most melancholic music in the world and it often fits with my morose feeling. I am not a fond of male vocals in sad songs, but his voice is perfect to caress the sadness within you. This was one of my favourite songs when I was younger and it still makes me feel a lot of emotions.

3. Ta-Ku – Moving On

I used to listen a lot more instrumental music but lately I have been in need of lyrics. Ta-Ku, however, found a way to my playlist

4. Kelela (– I don’t know how she succeeded to top my list. She had decent songs but nothing stands out so I’m not adding a song here).

5. IYES – Crazy in Love

Besides FTPA, this was one of my favourite songs from last month. A brilliant cover, I think even better than the original but well in the end I am not much of a Beyonce fan.

6. Naughty Boy – Get Lucky

Old classic for me now.

7. Rosie Lowe – Who’s That Girl?

I heard this song in a bar and had to use my application to find out what the song was; my dear old friend Rosie Lowe! Fantastic stuff.

The rest in the list are old familiar names, my darling. But I promise that this month I will have a complete new set of songs for you, as I have been spending hours discovering new music since coming back from India.

Love you,


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