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Dear Helsinki,

This evening was the first day since I landed to your feet a month ago from India when I had almost absolutely nothing planned. After work I had all the time in my hands just to enjoy the beaming sun that has been visiting you for a couple of days and go to my favourite bookstore. I love that place. I discovered myself wondering around the shelves for hours and before I realised it was almost closing.

I bought four books: Intersecting Voices by Iris Marion Young, one of the best political philosophers I have read. Then my hands discovered Frances Harrison’s Still Counting the Dead that is about the survivors of Sri Lanka’s civil war. The third book is The City of Devi by Manil Suri; I am somewhat obsessed with fiction set in India, so this seemed to be a good option. The last book is a collection of essays by Finnish politicians, academics and journalists about the role of the EU in van-guarding human rights. I was not planning to buy any books; usually I leave a bookstore with a couple of notebooks that I never use, but they had amazing sales now and the four books costed me just 10 euros. I am tempted to go there tomorrow evening again.

I had planned one thing to happen tonight and I had looked forward to it the for some days now, but it did not happen. Fortunately for me a friend of mine decided to call me and tell all about her newest crush which took my mind away from the hole that grew bigger in me. Hearing people talk about that feeling of having butterflies in your stomach is one of the most endearing things one can experience, she sounded superfluously happy and it was contagious. I cannot deny that I was not jealous, though. But I am still happy for her.

Besides the phone call I think finishing Sense8 distracted my mind from thinking too much what did not happen. After the finale I was still sad, but now because I had watched all the episodes of my new favourite TV show. Netflix better renew it or… well, who am I kidding? I will quite soon discover some other show to binge watch, it is a talent of mine. And yes darling, I am very proud of that.

And I wanted to tell you how amazing it was to do a metro pub crawl with you last Saturday. I do not think I have had that much fun in months, just getting off at each metro station, going to the nearest bar and having a drink there. Admittedly at one point I was not too certain if I was going to survive to the end, but who would had known, I was still up at to see the sunrise after raving to techno music in one of your main streets and then moving to a warehouse for even better party.

You keep surprising me, my darling, I still cannot believe one of the most integral parts of you was closed from traffic just so people could enjoy music, food and each other’s company under your skies. I am so happy I live with you. Sometimes I do think I would like to leave you, that there is still an entire world that I have not experienced but weekends like that proved that whatever the rest of the world has to offer, it cannot compare to the love, which you make me feel whenever I am with you.

I feel a bit tired now, honey so I think I should put another TV-show on and go to bed. On Friday I go to Iceland for a board meeting, but luckily our Saturday is off and we shall attend the Gay Parade. I cannot wait. I have not been excited about it, but after tonight I look forward to going there and just leaving my current life behind for sometime. I know, I know escaping will not solve any of my problems but there is no harm in pretending for a while that all at that very moment is just perfect, regardless of the past or the future.

It is the first week of August, so with this letter I am sending you a list of songs I listened to the most last month. As promised there is a lot of music this time; Apple Music is my new love and I keep discovering amazing sounds every day. I hope you like the songs, my love.


Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 01.05.35

1. Fyfe – Solace

All his songs are masterpieces and it was a difficult task for me to choose a song that I liked the most. His songs are mesmerising and jolted with melancholia. There is the sound of electronica in his music that I appreciate. Definitely worth checking all of his stuff. Just brilliant.

2. Years & Years – King

I loved their song Take Shelter and obviously when they album got released last month, I was super excited. This is perhaps one of the most upbeat bands I listen to and for me upbeat does not equal art, but they make very nice stuff.

3. Lucy Rose – Our Eyes

I saw her live a couple of years ago in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and she blew my mind. She is perhaps is the only indie folk artist I truly love. I hope she would come to Helsinki one day. Her new album that was released earlier this year is amazing, but I do think her debut album was even better. That might be because I have some emotions attached to her work, so I am biased.

4. Clean Bandit – Telephone Banking

Clean Bandit falls in the same category with Years and Years; loved their debut single (Rather Be) and recently found their album so had to listen to it from cover to cover. This song is something that I do not usually listen to, but I love it. And the violin in all of their work, she steals my heart every single time.

5. Of Monsters and Men – I of the Storm

If you do not like this song, do not tell me or otherwise I have to reconsider our relationship.

6. Jamie XX – Stranger in a Room

Jamie XX is the god of electronic music. Period.

7. Black Atlass (they have good music, but overall none of their songs really popped out — it is one of those bands I listened to for month, but I will move on with them as soon as us two ever happened)

8. Gorgon City (reviewed last month)

9. Adam Lambert – Underground

Yes. I love Adam Lambert and I am not even ashamed of it. His previous album was the bomb and this was perhaps even better. This song is one of the best songs from him and I do love a lot of songs by him, so it means a lot.

10. Cyril Hahn – Grace

Cyril Hahn has not been impressing me lately, but his latest EP had one good song. Still not his best work.

I have now reviewed the 10 most played bands from last month, but there were a couple of songs that I absolutely loved and I have to add them here.

Tom Misch & Carmody – With You

Aashiqui – Tum Hi Ho

Both songs are love songs. Whenever I listen to the lyrics of either of the songs, I can feel my heart sinking. I do not think I will be able to listen either of the songs in a couple of months. I am not too sure if I can listen to them even now anymore.

They are painfully beautiful.

Nicholson – For What II

One of the readers of the blog contacted me and sent this song and I absolutely fell in love with it; I cannot believe some people actually read my letters to you, my dearest. :) Anyway hope you like it as much as I do. Even if not the song, the music video is stunning.

That is all. Now I should really go to bed!



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